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 Bell Choir

If you are interested in trying your hands at ringing, please contact us at the church office and we will get schedules ready to work with your availability. 


Adult Choir

Adult choir meets on Wednesday nights at 6:00 PM for an hour during the "season." We always have a place for anyone who wants to sing, starting any time during the fall, winter and spring months, which is our typical choir season.

Starting in June, we will gladly schedule any group, solo, duet, trio of any voicing or instrument into the service on Sunday morning. We will rehearse with any members who would like to sing once during the summer (rehearsal at 6:00 PM on July 24) on Vicar Tyler's last Sunday (July 28) before he goes back to the Seminary to finish his studies.

If you would like to sing or play any appropriate musical selection (solo or with a small group), please sign up by calling the church office at (256) 536-9987 and letting us know when you would like to provide special music for worship and give us the details. Thank you!

 True Story

During the season of Holy Week (Maundy Thursday, to be precise), my daughter and I were going to move the bell table from the bell room to the sanctuary for the service that night. As I was lifting up my end of the table, the legs of the table on the opposite end collapsed and ALL THE BELLS went sliding and bumping their way to the floor. It was not a pretty sound. After the initial shock, I was terrified to pick up the bells, afraid of any damage that might have occurred to any or all of the bells. Believe it or not, the only bell that was damaged was the "Diva Bell" (C5), which is probably the most-used bell of the lot. The clapper (the "ding" of the "ding-a-ling") had broken off of its holder and was out of commission. I told my daughter that I couldn't even play the song for that night, now, since that particular bell was used throughout the piece, so she picked up the bell, checked to see that there was nothing inside the bell to make a sound, and she said, "Well, you can always ring a cappella!"

My thanks to the bell director at Trinity Methodist Church on Airport Road, who let me borrow their C5 bell for Maundy Thursday's service. And our bell has been fixed, thanks to Malmark having all the parts needed to DIY.