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Studying the Word of God is not something that ends when one is no longer a child - it continues into adulthood until one is old and wise, at which time, one knows they will never know it all and there is still so much more to learn! 

Such is the premise upon which the adult Bible Study on Sunday mornings is based. Studies and discussions are led by Elders of the congregation, the Pastor, the Vicar and guest speakers who are sometimes on site. From Genesis to Revelation; from Luther to Confessions to the Book of Concord; from the basis of the Liturgy to learning to discern false teachings from Truth, the Adult Bible Study covers a lot of ground. Everyone is invited to join the adults every Sunday morning at 9:30 AM as they are fed both physically with coffee and fellowship, and with the Word for their soul food. 

Currently studying: Luther's Small Catechism

Leader: Burneal Fick