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What is a Missional Outreach Group? At Ascension, it is one of three groups that have formed to meet specific needs within the church family or outside in the community. One of the groups takes a worship service to Huntsville Health and Rehabilitation every other Wednesday morning, alternating with every other Wednesday morning to Regency; one group meets regularly to determine special needs within the congregation; and a third group is reviewing its mission.

The Mssional Outreach groups that present every-other-week services at HHR and Regency in Huntsville consist of singing songs that are either well known to the residents, or become well known through repetition. The songs are interspersed with the recent readings from the regular Sunday services, so every visit is unique in one way, and different in another way. If you'd like to become a part of these outreach groups, please do! Please note the times and dates on the Calendar in the Resource tab, or call the church office for more information - (256) 536-9987.

The newest outreach ministry is a Sunday morning group that takes a short worship service to Regency at 9:30 AM. This service lasts approximately 45 minutes.

A second outreach group meets in the home of one of the members and this group monitors needs within the church and also for special events that present. In the past year, this group has provided Bibles for Market Day and assistance to some families with various needs.