Picture taken before trip to Chicago in 2017 for the UKANDU Mission trip.

And now, the Youth Group (plus 1 who is not in the picture from last year) is gearing up to go to Chicao in 2018! Things to be considering if you want to  be a part of this mission and support the nine individuals who are going, this year, include the following:

  • Pray for each person going on the trip;
  • Pray for the directors and Pastor Pete Imlah as they put the final touches on the UKANDU event;
  • Bake cookies for the group to take with them as one of their sharing projects in Chicago;
  • Donate money for the groups to use to help designated and random individuals once they are in Chicago;
  • Donate gift cards for eating places to give out and share (McDonalds, Taco Bell, Dairy Queen, etc.);
  • Donate packs of Kleenex (pocket packs) that will contain a Bible verse or a prayer and given out as "Godly Acts of Kindness"

This mission event is an eye-opener and works on each youth's heart (and counselors' hearts, too) as they see the Spirit working among them and through them to share the hope and love of God in areas where there may not be much hope found. This group, and all the groups that are coming to UKANDU, this year, are the hands, feet and voice of our Savior. Please keep them all lifted up the entire week they are gone. And when they get back, they will serve anyone who wants to hear of their trip with a breakfast and sharing time of their experiences. Date of said breakfast to be determined in the near future. Thank you!





This past April 1 - Easter Sunday, NOT fooling - the Youth and some adult helpers prepared an amazing breakfast for those worshipping at the Sunrise Service and the 8:45 AM service. Included on the menu - and a first time for some of the items - were scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy, sausage, cheese and plain grits, mini (bite-size) cinnamon rolls, pancakes, fruit compote, a parfait-like yogurt/fruit/granola-layered heavenly dish - and more! Then, the table decorations were awesome, too, including some dish gardens (like the one pictured to the right) that were put together by two of the youth (Mason and Robby) and an adult (Susann). 

We have top-notch artists, chefs and servers here at Ascension, second to none. If you missed Easter Breakfast, you missed Easter Breakfast!